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Making Imagination Real

Joel Martinez is a Cinematographer/Director. His body of work includes a variety of films that include narrative, commercial, and fashion work.
During his time at UNLV, Joel focused on Cinematography. One of his films, A Christmas Dinner, was accepted in to the "The American Pavilion Emerging filmmaker showcase at the Cannes film festival. Then after college, he shot his first feature film called "Shellfish." Shortly after, he worked with as their full time Cinematographer which led to him filming commercials for the "Park MGM, The Venetian, The Grand Canal Shoppes, and many more.
Today, Joel is focused on Cinematography but is also directing. One example being his series "Til Death Due Us Part" which will include a huge variety in storytelling, genres, and characters.


Jake Gallon Podcast
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The Incredibly Awful Truth
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Vegas Live with Ninon Joel Martinez Cinematography/Director
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